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Achieve Your Supply Chain and Operations Management Excellence with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Trax Consulting together with Microsoft Saudi Arabia are pleased to invite you to attend the seminar on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 entitled
Achieve Your Supply Chain and Operations Management Excellence with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012”.
The seminar will be conducted in Riyadh, Khobar & Jeddah cities on 13th, 14th & 16th Jan. 2014 respectively.
This seminar is designed to serve a full-range of participants who are willing to know more about the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The agenda includes topics of interest for Operations Management Professionals, IT Managers, Supply Chain executives and IT consultants.
Speakers will address a range of important topics covering different areas of the supply chain management including supply chain integration, logistics and warehouse management, demand management & materials planning and supply chain metrics & performance indicators. If you are involved in manufacturing, wholesale distribution or retail supply chains, this seminar is geared for you.
Please, if you have any inquiries about this seminar, contact us by phone at +966 (11) 2611691 or by email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join us in Riyadh, Al Khobar or Jeddah and enjoy the valuable sessions as well as our premium GIFTS & PRIZES

Riyadh Day

Date: 13th Jan. 2014
Venue: Marriott Hotel - Riyadh

Al Khobar Day

Date: 14th Jan. 2014
VenueHoliday Inn - Corniche Al Khobar

Jeddah Day

Date: 16th Jan. 2014
VenueLe Meridien Jeddah Hotel

Session 1: The Manufacturing Supply Chain, Challenges & Solutions

Manufacturing supply chains are often complex. In today’s market, the manufacturers are facing many challenges like shorter product life cycles, ever-rising customer demands, as well as the increasing spread of distribution, sourcing, and engineering operations around the world. Companies large and small are finding it difficult to synchronize all the pieces.

This session will discuss the following topics with regard to the manufacturing supply chain

  • Balancing Demand & Supply through the master planning functions
  • Production Capacity Planning & Control
  • Utilizing the Product Configurator for custom made products

Join us and learn how we can help you facing these challenges.


Ahmed Maghraby, CPIM, CSCP, CPF, PMP, MCT

Ahmed is multi-certified, Supply Chain and Operations Management professional with long experience in implementing and supporting enterprise business solutions. With more than 16 years of experience in the consulting field, he worked in variety of different roles including, Operations Manager, Professional Services Manager, Projects Manager, Consultant and Developer.
He has an exceptional combination of Business and Technology knowledge. Working on numerous ERP implementations, Ahmed gained an extensive knowledge across many functional areas of business, including supply chain management, production and management accounting. He has worked with many ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP Netweaver and Sage Line 500.

Session 2: Creating Alignment in your Supply Chain

Are workplace silos a drain on your company? Is your Sales department over promising to the market place? Is your Procurement manager pursuing low component costs but ignoring higher total costs? Do you loose service level as a result of aggressive inventory reductions by Supply Chain? Does your company lack flexibility as a result of record efficiencies by Operations? Typically, silos lead to redundancies, poor communication, reduced trust, and often pit one department or group against another. It is OK to compete with your competitors, but not with your co-workers. 
In this economy, it is more important than ever for teams and departments to be in on the same page. Teams that work against one another to achieve narrowly defined goals at the expense of other groups in the organization create an environment where suboptimal results take precedence over collectively achieving the best result. Neither a manager in isolation, nor a single department is able to achieve effective Supply Chain Management. A well performing supply chain requires the engagement and commitment of all organizational departments.


Hans Kremer, CPIM, CSCP, CIRM


Hans is a seasoned supply chain professional with 20+ years of work experience as a practitioner, manager, consultant and trainer. Since 2010 he is the co-owner of Involvation Interactive: creators of The Fresh Connection®: The Ultimate Value Chain Experience and The Cool Connection®: Bridging Financial and Physical Supply Chains. Both TFC and TCC are online learning experiences, built around cross functional business simulations.
Hans is an APICS certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM), Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and Certified in Integrated Resources Management (CIRM). Hans hold variant roles and participated in many projects in the supply chain and operations management.   

What is The Fresh Connection?

The Fresh Connection is a cross-functional business simulation which motivates your team to deliver optimal performance by using supply chain management best practices from real-world situations. See for yourself how The Fresh Connection will effect positive and powerful change in your enterprise. 

Since 2008, The Fresh Connection has been experienced by more than 10,000 professionals in 500 companies across the world. Who better to judge its effectiveness than those who have already benefited? You can access more detailed case studies on The Fresh Connection by clicking on the top logos below.

Coming soon in Jan. 2014: The Fresh Connection Global Challenge. It is a yearly competition between company teams. It offers them a challenge and learning experience. Work within your team of four to make the best strategic and tactical choices for the value chain to save the virtual company, The Fresh Connection, from financial ruin.

Join this session and enjoy live participation in the supply chain simulation GAME

In this highly interactive session participants will be asked to join forces in order to save a virtual company, a manufacturer of fruit juices, from its downfall. They will be the management team and their collective objective is to return the company to profitability, utilizing various tactical and strategic decisions in the supply chain. 

This session will assist the audience to understand the power of classroom training teamed with simulation. The value of attending this presentation is the creation of awareness about the need for alignment, cross functional supply chain management and the importance of strategy and collaboration in managing trade offs.

Session 3: Smart & Innovative Warehouse Management with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Logistics & Warehouse Management plays a vital role in any organization’s supply chain. No matter you are in manufacturing, wholesale distribution or  a retail business, having an accurate inventory records, optimized materials handling and real-time inventory control are highly essential to you  in achieving efficient operations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 offers a set of functions to map the complete logistics processes within a warehouse. It already supports all relevant storage types and technologies needed for any business. Join us to know how we can help your organization improve the warehouse operations performance and reduce costs.


Samer Madhoun, MBA, CSCP, CISCM, CICCM


Samer is a Supply Chain Pracademic enjoys 15 years of experience in various business sectors with emphasis on supply chain management as a core of experience (Contracting management, Procurement and sourcing, logistics, distribution, and innovation/technology management). He has diversified Work experience in purchasing functions, logistics, inventory management , and quality management in industrial, medical , automotive and aviation industries. He is familiar with the latest technological and business trends associated with the fields of interest and subject matter.

Session 4: Creating Value through Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration is the degree to which a company strategically collaborates with its supply chain partners and collaboratively manages intra- and inter-organizational processes, in order to achieve effective and efficient flows of products and services, information, money and decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides  many integration features that enables companies achieve an integrated supply chain internally and externally.

In this session we will discuss how supply chain integration is important and explore the features that Microsoft Dynamics AX provides to facilities the supply chain integration including customer and supplier portals, application integration framework, intercompany supply chain management and planning. Plus many others features. Join us, you will enjoy it.


Ahmed Yakan, MCTIP, MCT


Ahmed has 10+ years of experience in business process re-engineering, business solutions and ERP implementations especially in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Working in a variety of different management roles as well as consultancy roles, Ahmed has exceptional functional skills. Through the multiple ERP implementations he participated in, Ahmed gained deep business knowledge across all functional areas in AX including (Supply Chain, Finance, Projects, Service Management, Production, Professional Services Automation, Cost Accounting and Expense Management).

Session 5: The Right Supply Chain Metrics, the way to an effective management for your supply chain

For any company's supply chain, the most popular challenge is finding and implementing the right metrics. Selecting and implementing the right metrics between supply chains, product lines or departments within a company, agreeing on definitions and calculations, having too many metrics or too few metrics, difficulty finding metrics that are supported of-the-shelf in reporting tools.

Trax Consulting with the power of Dynamics AX will help you select, develop and the implement the appropriate metrics for your business. Join us in this sessions and learn how can we help you overcome the challenge of implementing the right Key Performance Indicators. Join this session to learn the powerful tools Dynamics AX reporting tools.


Amer Atiyah, MCTIP, MCT


Amer is Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution Architect who currently supports the Gulf market with his expertise in Dynamics AX.

He started working with Microsoft Dynamics AX since its earlier versions for the last six years during which he experienced many types of businesses, processes, technologies, and projects. He has been a speaker for Microsoft Dynamics AX in Microsoft GDC, OpenDoor and the local technical communities.

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